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"Going to Dr. Mehta's Dental Clinic is a refreshing change from the usual scare-inducing dentist.
I have also never seen more concerned doctors when it came to one of my tooth being pulled out. A well stocked and modern clinic, with the two of the sweetest Doctors one can find."

- Mr. Bikram Chaudhari, Sus Road
"I had a very pleasant experience while I had gone for my treatment at Dr. Mehta's Dental clinic. Clinic is very spacious, clean and well equipped. Both the Doctors are very kind and co-operative. They are also very soft spoken and handle the patients very gently while treating."

- Mrs. Shweta Nerurkar, Baner-Pashan Link Road
"I never thought that 'a visit to a Dentist' could be such a cheerful experience. Dr. Mehta's clinic is very well equipped and facilitated, with expert Doctors who always wear a smile and give you a Perfect one too!"

- Mrs. Mrunal Kelkar, Sangli
"The most appreciative aspect of Dr. Mehta's Dental Care & Cure is regarding their organized and accurate dental services. The provision of clean instruments and the healthy environment makes the experience much better! The Doctors too are very co-operative and I have experienced this every now and then. I have not gone through pain during any of the treatments. It's a clinic where all the "Dental phobias" vanish away!"

- Ms. Kimaya Manohar, Baner-Pashan Link Road
"When I consulted Dr. Mehta for my dental treatment, I had a very bad tooth ache & sensitivity and a deep distrust of dentist because of my bad root canal work that was done by another dentist just a few months ago."
"Dr. Mehta were very patient with me, they explained everything in detail as often as I wanted and went out of their way to allay my fears. Thanks to them, that I now have a great smile and no tooth aches and no more sensitive teeth."
"Dr. Mehta is without doubt the best dentists I have ever been to. They made me feel very comfortable though I have morbid fear of dentists. I find the doctors and their clinic top class." Whatever I have paid was worth the service and more importantly, I had peace of mind, I have no worries about infection. Dr. Mehta's are perfectionists regarding their work, they will see to it that your teeth are free from any kind of infection even though it takes a few sittings more. If you are looking for quality, this is the place for you."

- Mrs. Shreya Bhujbal, Baner
"It is indeed with profound happiness that I like to make following observations about Dr Ripple Mehta who is very careful and meticulous in clinical work. She has the qualities of perseverance and application which will serve her well in all her endeavors. In summation I can only say that she is innovative, creative and a clinician with excellent ability of lateral thinking coupled with youthful exuberance and good clinical experience."

- Dr. Vishwas Chaugule, Pune
"Every treatment I have had at Dr. Mehta's Dental Care &Cure has been excellent. From a normal check up through last years root canal treatment, the dentist has been excellent!Both Dr. Ripple Mehta & Dr. Kunal Mehta are highly professional and competent dentists and I have never felt so comfortable going to an dentist before. I have not seen a more welcoming and nicely designed practice in India nor in Germany before and I can only recommend this practice to every one in and around Pune. Even my friends visiting me from Germany were absolutely satisfied with the treatment given by Dr. Mehta. The to-go place in Pune for a perfect dental treatment."

- Stephanie Feicht, Germany
"Last year in Jun 14 I was looking for a good orthodontist for my 12 year old daughters dental treatment somewhere nearby to my residence in Baner who would primarily have a neat and clean clinic with all latest equipment. Once day I just happened to notice a board which read Dr Mehta's Dental Care on BanerSus Road and hence decided to check it out. The place is really extremely clean and well-kept and the dentist seemed a very nice person, someone I could trust immediately for handling my daughters case and I decided there and there to go ahead. And so our association started. The Doctor is very organized, punctual and has an extremely good approach with patients and was very patient at times with my daughter who at times was quite difficult to handle. Now it nearly a year that I have been regularly visiting the clinic and I am very happy with the way the treatment is going and they have a thoroughly professional touch. An the best part is the myth that I always had that any treatment like getting braces put would be a painful and unpleasant experience has totally been proved wrong as believe me my daughter is never afraid to go to the dentist and she never ever complained of pain at all…which is fantastic… I would definitely recommend one and all to visit Dr. Mehta's Dental Care if they ever need to see a dentist and you be rest assured you will be in safe hands…."

- Ms. Janhavee Talavlikar, Baner - Pune
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